November 30, 2020

Heaven Calling

Author: Stephen Van Zant
Amazon Rating: 4.8
Genre: Religious/Non-Fiction
Price: $2.99   $0.99 (Price may have changed. Last verified on 11/30)

Compiled from fourteen years of his prayer journals, Stephen Van Zant shares a year’s worth of daily devotions inspired by God Calling, a work written anonymously by the Two Listeners in the 1930s.

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November 26, 2020

Seeking Serenity In Uncertain Times

Author: Grace Sandford
Amazon Rating: 4.7
Genre: Religious/Non-Fiction
Price: $3.99   FREE (Price may have changed. Last verified on 11/26)

52 week guided devotional & prayer journal. This devotional and prayer journal will help you stay on track, be consistent with your journaling, pray with purpose and deepen your relationship with Jesus. A beautiful and practical way to draw closer to God every day! Are you drowning in worry and anxiety? In these complicated times, […]

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