October 14, 2021

The Yellow Oak

Author: Victor Vahl
Amazon Rating: 5.0
Genre: Horror
Price: $2.99   $0.99 (Price may have changed. Last verified on 10/14)

Trapped in never-ending terror. Isolated from the outside world, with unknown entities feasting on their sanity. How long can they survive in order to find their escape? Rye Davidson has enlisted for a new woodworking job, located in Oregon, to help bring in more money for his family. When he’s called in to a job […]

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October 13, 2021

Od and Ed

Author: Shanti Leonard
Amazon Rating: 4.6
Genre: Horror
Price: $4.99   $0.99 (Price may have changed. Last verified on 10/13)

At times creepy, funny, and frightening, and told deftly from a child’s perspective, Od and Ed is a haunting and heartfelt suburban dark fantasy about a sister and brother that brings the 1980’s to life in ways that feel both new and familiar. October 1988 In a moment of desperation Od pressed the button set […]

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October 12, 2021

Grace Lost

Author: M. Lauryl Lewis
Amazon Rating: 4.1
Genre: Horror
Price: $0.99   FREE (Price may have changed. Last verified on 10/12)

Two childhood friends. An abandoned cabin in the woods. A lazy weekend reminiscing together. It was supposed to bring them closer together; to provide healing for their broken friendship. Zoe Kate was accustomed to being alone. She was left alone when her parents and sister all died on the same day. She was left alone […]

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October 9, 2021

The Ghosts of Hanson House

Author: Michelle Dorey
Amazon Rating: 4.5
Genre: Horror
Price: $2.99   $0.99 (Price may have changed. Last verified on 10/9)
Amazon Bestselling Author

Grandpa was young and foolish when he discovered the evil that hides behind the decrepit walls of that house. On a dare, he and his buddies crept into the farm. Only two of them lived to tell the tale. This summer, his teenage grand daughters are bored, missing their friends back home, and sniping at […]

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