Bargain and Free Book Submissions

Advertise your bargain or free book with Ereader News Today (ENT) to get it in front of thousands of active readers.

Promoting your book with ENT will not only help you sell copies of the book being promoted and drive it up the bestseller lists, it will also increase sales of your other books while gaining new fans for you.

ENT was established in 2010 and is one of the leading ebook promotion sites. We have successfully helped thousands of authors reach millions of new readers in our 13 years of promoting books. We are committed to giving you, the author, the best service of any book promotion site.

Submitting your books to us means that you agree to ENT’s Terms of Service.


We will do our best to get your book promoted but due to the large demand and limited number of spots available we are not able to post every book that gets submitted to us.

Your books must be:

  • Available on We also promote book deals that are available at Barnes & Noble/Nook, Google Play, Apple iTunes and Kobo.
  • Free or on sale. However, we realize that some books have a regular price of 99 cents and we will promote these books for you.
  • A full-length book. Your book must be at least 125 pages. Children’s, non-fiction and cookbooks do not have to meet this requirement.
  • Not promoted by ENT in the past 90 days. Although we won’t promote the same book within a 90 day period, we have no restrictions on the number of times that an author may be promoted.

Other factors taken into consideration when looking at submissions:

  • The cover Books with professional looking covers do much better with our readers.
  • Reader reviews While we do not have a minimum number of reviews that are required, we do look at the reviews to get an idea of how well the book has been received by those that have read it.
  • Book is professionally edited If your book is professionally edited it has a much better chance of being promoted.
  • How much the book is discounted We have no requirement for the amount that a book needs to be discounted but the larger the discount, the better chance that your book will be selected.
  • Content of the book We will not post erotica, pornography, books that contain controversial subject matter or books that may be considered offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc. We reserve the right to refuse a book for any reason.

Terms of Service

Ereader News Today (ENT) Terms for Partners

We will respond to your book submission within 7 days of the submission date.

Your book will be promoted on our website (, our social media sites, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and in our daily newsletter.

Your book needs to be at its discount/free price by 6 am EST on the day it is being promoted or it will not be included in our listings. This includes Kindle Countdown deals. If you are having a Kindle Countdown on the book that you’re promoting with us it would probably be best to start the deal the day before your ENT promo.

If your book’s price has not been reduced on the day of the promo, we will be unable to give you a refund or reschedule your promotion. However, you may resubmit your book for a later date. If your book is approved for a later date, you will receive an invoice for that date which must be paid in order for the book to be promoted.*

Your book’s discount must be available at for us to promote it. We also promote discounts at Nook/Barnes and Noble, Apple/iBooks, Google Play and Kobo but your book is not required to be discounted at these retailers for us to promote it. We will only promote your book at the retailers where it is discounted.

Your book needs to be submitted to us at least 2 weeks before its promotion date – we are scheduling up to 30 days in advance.

Payment is due upon notification of your book’s promotion date.

If you need to reschedule your promo, please let us know at least 7 days before your promotion date and we will reschedule your book if there is an opening available on the date you request.

If you need to cancel your promotion, please notify us at least 7 days before your promotion date. If you cancel your promotion less than 7 days before the promotion date we cannot guarantee a refund.

If you raise the price of your book before the end of the promo period – the day that your book is posted – we will not promote any of your books in the future. This leads to negative feedback and subscribers unsubscribing from our service which hurts other authors who are promoting their books with ENT.

If you submit your book and it is accepted for a promo and you do not pay for the promo, we will not promote any of your books in the future.

No refunds for any reason. **

* Why do we not offer a refund or reschedule if your book is not ready for a promo?

The reason is that we schedule the books at least 2 weeks in advance and we have a certain number of books that we can promote each day. If your book is not at it’s promo price on the day of the promo we do not have enough time to schedule another book for that slot. Also, we can’t reschedule it for the next day (or the next few days) because those spots have already been filled.

However, if you do request a refund we can give you one but we will be unable to schedule any of your books in the future – no exceptions.

There is a $20 service fee for any refunds.

** The only exception is if we make a mistake on your promotion.


We will respond to your book submission within 7 days of the submission date.

Below are the prices for promoting your free and bargain books at ENT.

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Would you like to submit a book which does not have an ASIN yet?

We do accept pre-order links. If the title has no reviews, we will consider the reviews of your previous titles.

Please email a copy of the book’s cover, the description, author name, preferred genre, page count, the date the ASIN will be available and the preferred promotion date to If approved, our staff will respond to your email with your promotion date that will be held until the ASIN is available. Once the ASIN is available the author/publisher can submit the book here. It is the author/publisher’s responsibility to submit the book’s information to us as soon as it is available. At that time, Ereader News Today will send an invoice.

If you have questions regarding Bargain and Free book promotions please email us at