April 15, 2024


Author: Ron Schwab
Amazon Rating: 4.7
Genre: Action and Adventure
Price:   $0.99 (Price may have changed. Last verified on 4/15)
Award-Winning Author

In the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills, as 1887 draws to a close, Gage Kraft and his grandson, Sam, find themselves grappling with the challenges and unpredictability of life on the frontier. Their lives, marked by the day-to-day work of operating their K Bar K Ranch, take a tumultuous turn as they delve into the […]

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April 12, 2024

Mendel’s Ladder

Author: E. S. Fein
Amazon Rating: 4.8
Genre: Action and Adventure
Price: $3.99   FREE (Price may have changed. Last verified on 4/12)

Outlast. Outgrow. Outlive. In the ashes of Earth, evolution is the ultimate weapon. In 2099, Earth is unrecognizable. Ravaged by climate change, nuclear devastation, and other cataclysmic events, the planet and its people continue to undergo radical changes in order to survive. Most of humanity has allowed themselves to be transformed into Nomads, bizarre human-plant […]

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