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How does it work?

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Terms of offer:

  • Every subscriber that you send to us will be worth a 1% discount on your promo.  For example, if you refer 75 subscribers to us, you will receive 75% off of a promo. If you refer 150 subscribers to us, you will receive a free promo (100%) and 50% off of another promo.  This will be capped at 10 free promos (1,000 subscribers sent to us).
  • We will approve the book(s) that you would like to use for your promo. We reserve the right to refuse any book. Your book will have to meet the same standards as books that we approve for our regular bargain and free promos. View the Book Requirements here.
  • Your promo will be scheduled at least 30 days from the time that you refer subscribers to us. This is for scheduling purposes as well as to get as many new subscribers to us as possible, increasing your promo discount.
  • Depending on the number of subscribers that you send to us, you may be eligible for more than 1 free/discount promo. If this is the case, we will promote only one of your books per day.
  • Your promo will not be scheduled on the same day as any regular Bargain/Free or Book of the Day promos that you have already scheduled with us – only one promo per author per day.
  • All promos in this offer will be for either a free or 99 cent book promo.
  • Your book deal must be available on Amazon.
  • Payments for all promos that are not free (partial discount) will be paid through PayPal only – no exceptions.
  • The book that we promote will have to be promoted in the correct genre.

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    Book Requirements

    Available on We also promote book deals that are available at Barnes & Noble/Nook, Google Play, Apple iTunes and Kobo.
    A full-length book Your book must be at least 125 pages. Children’s, non-fiction and cookbooks do not have to meet this requirement.
    Not promoted by ENT in the past 90 days Although we won’t promote the same book within a 90 day period, we have no restrictions on the number of times that an author may be promoted.
    The cover Books with professional looking covers do much better with our readers.
    Reader reviews While we do not have a minimum number of reviews that are required, we do look at the reviews to get an idea of how well the book has been received by those that have read it.
    Content of the book We will not post erotica, pornography, books that contain controversial subject matter or books that may be considered offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc. We reserve the right to refuse a book for any reason.



    *You’ll be receiving more sales and downloads as more authors take advantage of this offer.