July 8, 2024

His Forever Muse

Author: C. R. Alam
Amazon Rating: 4.6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $4.99   $0.99 (Price may have changed. Last verified on 7/8)
Award-Winning Author

Past crush. Renewed passion. Forever love.

What if you’ve known the love of your life since he was six years old and happens to be your little brother’s best friend? But the man whom Callie runs into in the middle of the desert in Morocco isn’t the little Brandon Rossi she once knew. He is a work of art.

Brandon Rossi is the boy-next-door in a rock star package. As the front man of the rock band Canis Major, a visual artist, and an avid stargazer, he expresses his thoughts and feelings through his music, arts, and tattoos. When he hits an invisible wall that hinders his ability to create, he starts on a quest to find inspiration. Who knew Brandon’s ultimate inspiration comes in the form of an unconventional beauty with golden eyes? He did. He always knew because she was the one who got away.

Calliope Chen-Bisset, a hard-working Parisian art gallerist, has gone through many hurdles in life. She was once broken, but she has put herself back together—piece by piece. But she never thought she’d be whole again until a blast from the past reminds her of who she is. The years haven’t dulled their connection. They’ve intensified it.

Brandon is willing to lay down everything for her now that they get their second chance, but will Calliope trust him like she once did? Will she let a little fact that he is her brother’s best friend stop her? Or will it be her past that cast a shadow on their future?

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